The Little Nine Heaven kung fu school is headed by Master James W. McNeil, who has trained for over 50 years in the  traditional Chinese systems of internal kung fu, including: Master Chiao Chang-Hung's Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao and Ba Kua, Master Pan Wing Chow's Chen Tai Chi, Master Hsu Hong-Chi's Hsing-I, Master Ching Chen-Yen's Tzu Men, Master Haumea Lefiti's Splashing Hands, and Master Ralph Shun's Iron Hand. After decades of training, he was given the title of lineage holder for several of these systems, including Little Nine Heaven Wu Tao, Ba Kua, Tzu Men, and others.

With Master McNeil approaching retirement, he has authorized a number of students to teach and pass on the knowledge he was given.

This website was created by Master McNeil's student, Nick Bickbau, in order to make private classes and seminars available to those interested in the traditional Chinese internal arts.

More information about Master James McNeil and his teachers can be found at